Live Like You Mean It - Charcoal Grey T Shirt

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I like to make designs that can strike up curious conversations while also being a positive influence.

This statement is one that I find people always respond to well and putting it out there in the world through this shirt design is something that has excited me for a few months now. 

"Live like you mean it." 

Here's what it means to me. 

It's a statement that affirms the importance of living with an active awareness. It's an awakened life. It's living on purpose. Mean what you say? Say what you mean? Even better... Live what you mean! And whatever you mean, live like you mean it!

To mean something is to be awakened & aware as a being capable of intention. you intend something. Apply that to life and what do you get? A life filled with purpose, wonder, growth, depth, and joy. When we choose to live intentionally I truly believe we open our awareness to the amazing possibilities that are available to us everyday that we would otherwise pass up.

Not only that, living like you mean it will result in achieving the things that are most important to you. Your aim in life is active. So friends, why not live like you mean it!

-Matthew John Armstrong